The Design Process

I use the garden frequently to give prospective clients ideas, not only with design but with plants and shrubs, its always a pleasure to have morning coffee and scones whilst discussing design ideas for their garden. I would however always suggest looking  in books and magazines for ideas, but sometimes better to see things in reality.  The photographs that I use on my mood boards come as much as possible from my garden or that of others I have visited ensuring that a design will work

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History & Gardening

I study history and gardening in equal measures, and have always been interested in the fluctuations in our climate. The summer of 1666 was exceptionally hot, people in London were worried there would be another outbreak of the plague as did  happen the previous year. However on the morning of September 2nd it wasn’t the plague that struck London, but a fire, one that would devastate the city. ‘The Fire of London’ It was said that the lead from the roof of St Pauls ran down Ludgate Hill like a river. 

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Garden Escape

I frequently read this statement written by Alan and totally endorse what is said. Many years ago my son and I saw Alan walking with his family around Chelsea Flower Show, there were no cameras, no reason why he should speak with us but we decided to ask for his autograph. We were welcomed with open arms, a cheerful optimistic person full of excitement and enthusiasm for where he was. A truly wonderful person to meet.

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A Chance Meeting with Beth Chatto (In my dreams!)

I am too cold today to even think, apart from spreading mushroom compost and walking Bertie, my Jack Russell terrier, I have too much to do, too much going on. I go inside and get myself a cup of tea and take a seat in the library there is a book that catches my eye,  I must have bought many years ago when we lived in Essex, Beth Chattos ‘Gardening Notebook’ and on reading the introduction I felt I wasn’t quite so alone after all.

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The Stinging Nettle

The sting is produced from the long hairs on the leaves, pain will then be felt when you brush past without cover to your arms or legs and even when you do have cover they can still penetrate especially when young. The hairs break off and enter the skin depositing a chemical that causes pain and a rash. This defence system forms the perfect protection for the plant against grazing animals; the only animal that does not appear affected is the rabbit.

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The Sparrow Hotel

It wasn’t meant to be, just a bush or a tree.

It was planted quite freely, and then cut to a ball, a fetching shape.

But invaded it was and boy did it wake the garden so early at dawn,

No need for an alarm, or the making of tea.

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Euonymus Scale

If I had not seen the devastation this small white pest could do I would not have believed the outcome.  It was in 2014 that the Euonymus Scale first appeared in the garden, there had been an infestation of whitefly on the brassicas that year a particularly bad one, and at first sight and I admit now a very novice opinion or perhaps one of just hoping, that was that I thought It looked very much the same as whitefly.

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The Seasons

Winter is an etching, Spring is a watercolour, Summer an oil painting and Autumn a mosaic of them all. Written by Stanley Horowitz

But when is mid spring when written on a seed packet or in a book?

I use the list below, I hope it will be of help.

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