Not So Ordinary

 This was an article published about me by The Radius Magazine 2018

It was during a telephone conversation with a lady recently that we quickly established a mutual gardening interest, but it quickly became apparent that we were both on opposite ends of the scale.
As many of our Radius readers know my gardening skills are somewhat lacking and I can at best be described as a keen novice, but this lady, Julie, had vast experience in the planning and preparation of people’s gardens. I was interested in finding out more.
Julie was interested in advertising in the Radius magazine and I was more than happy to assist as we have been helping local businesses for over 20 years, we arranged an informal meeting and Julie popped into the office. Once we had finalised details for her advert we discussed my garden and Julie happily agreed to a consultation.

I had made a big effort to clear my garden late last year as it was severely overgrown, and although I was pleased with my work the result was somewhat underwhelming as the garden seemed empty, on the plus side it was a blank canvas. As a novice gardener with limited time due to my young family, I needed ideas, advice and inspiration, this is where Julie came in.
Arriving five minutes early I was very impressed with Julie’s punctuality, the journey would have taken almost an hour. With 2018 so far being a strange year for weather, this Saturday morning was no exception and the sun dazzled as I greeted Julie at the doorstep but we were met with a ferocious blizzard almost as soon as we entered my back garden.

Stoically Julie continued to look around my garden but as the snow fell at almost comical proportions, we could barely see each other over a distance of a few feet and we dashed back into the house. Following a cup of tea and a chat about possible ideas the snow stopped and once more we ventured into the garden for Julie to gain inspiration. Ours is only a small courtyard garden, but we know it has the potential to be quite smart. Julie took her time looking at different aspects before getting her camera and taking some photographs.
We then went back into the house and my partner Cathy and daughter Éilis were waiting to hear some ideas, Julie immediately had visions of what could be achieved and volunteered her views and suggestions. Hers is a professional service, so Julie provided us with a list of options which I thought was excellent. Everybody has their own budget and Julie has something for everyone, from a small consultation to a comprehensive garden design and implementation.
We were very pleased that Julie came to visit our house, and she was excellent with our little daughter who was quite excitable about our visitor. Julie provided us with a list of options and also inspiration, we are currently putting the gardening project on hold because an unexpected problem has arisen with two of our windows, which has diverted our budget. But I would certainly appoint Julie as our gardening consultant, and I would most definitely recommend her professional services.
Shortly after our consultation Julie got in touch and mentioned that she had some chitted potatoes that she thought we might like to grow in our garden as a little project with our daughter Éilis, this was incredibly sweet and we have taken her up on the challenge. Julie Dowding markets herself as The Ordinary Gardener, but she goes the extra mile and there is nothing ordinary about her.